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ANNOUNCEMENT: Quarterling, by Natasja Hellenthal


QSFer Natasja Hellenthal has a new lesbian YA fantasy book out: Quarterling.

Seventeen-year-old Fay Comyenti has it all: lots of freedom, great parents, a budding romance, and super animal abilities most can only dream of. Only, those powers have to be kept a secret in order for her kind to stay safe. After being rejected by her love interest, Elodyn, Fay leaves her village to do some good with her skills in the world despite the concerns of her comyenti mother and human father.

Zemandu, the last of the tracar people has been following Fay from a distance for a good reason. The demoness is dying. Attracted by the girl’s altruistic mission, her abilities, and her benevolent energy she sees Fay as her last hope.

When Fay and Zemandu — two powerful women of a very different nature, yet both the last of their kind — cross paths, they’ll forever change the course of humanity, but at what cost?

Will Fay risk losing her heart and her innate empathy to the tracar— the very characteristics what makes her a comyenti in the first place —without jeopardising her vital mission. Follow Fay and Zemandu in this suspenseful, romantic, yet dramatic YA novel which is a full standalone spin-off novel from the popular Comyenti Series.

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‘How long have you been following me?’ And when Fay received no answer, she had to ask, ‘You might look human, but you’re not, so what are you?’ She licked her lips and lifted her nose, adding, ‘You … smell different,’ and thinking, Better than most humans.

‘Ah, that is a fine observation! I smell better, do I? Perhaps you should keep those thoughts to yourself. I might get the wrong idea,’ she added seductively with a wink.

Fay blushed. What was this person doing to her?

‘Enough! State your intentions or be on your way!’ She waved angrily with her hands and broke contact. The woman remained untouched and stood rigid.

‘My intentions … ah, well. First that seemed simple. I was hungry and thirsty. I came across your trail. You radiate good energy, such as I hadn’t experienced in a long time, pure, tasty. I had to follow. You’re a rare treat.’

The red woman moved and undulated her hips against the trunk of the tree. Fay could make out her contours just about, and the blue glow of her eyes; the orange glow around her still lingered unnaturally. The metal of her armour scraped against a tree. Fay shivered in response.

‘You … you speak of me as food? What are you talking about? Are you some kind of hunter? A predator? A cannibal? Explain!’

The woman carried herself with an air of inscrutability and appeared unmoved.

‘You are still trying to define me, aren’t you?’ and she laughed under her breath. ‘Well, let me introduce myself. I think that’s what you expect of me anyway. My name is Zemandu and I am a tracar.’

‘A tracker? So you have been following me.’ Fay flashed her green eyes at the woman.

‘No, you misheard me,’ she laughed again. ‘I’m a tracar. You might not have heard of my species before as, like you, we’re rare.’

‘Like me? How do you —No, I … think you’re mistaken. ’

‘Ah, see that is what I find intriguing about you. Here I go mentioning I’m a tracar; a rare species that would pique interest in most — and let me just stress the fact, I don’t reveal myself to just anyone — yet you turn the tables and make it all about you and no doubt your safety. Your fear of discovery! I can’t say I blame you, but from one rare creature to another there is no need to be shy. I thought you would jump at the possibility of meeting another kindred species. What a curious creature you are indeed! What’s your name then?’

Author Bio

Ms Hellenthal is not human. She is a novelist, eco-warrior, animal lover (and thus vegan). Her interests include reading the best books, poetry, space and science, nature and art, and outdoor activities such as hiking, organic gardening, swimming in the sea, paddle-boarding and cycling. She lives in the Pyrenees, South of France and has a long distance relationship with a kiwi in the UK.

She writes witty, speculative fiction that entertain people but at the same time makes them think. Her work has been described as ‘thought-provoking’. Her writing is about change, freedom, advocating for lgbt equality and animal welfare.

In her writing she also deals with big psychological and ethical themes and struggles of life such as death, love and loss, abuse and the consequences of our actions. She tries to build strong characters as realistic as possible, for even though the genre is Fantasy she wants people to feel connected with her heroes and villains as they would with their real life people.

‘The Queen’s Curse’ was her debut novel and has been an international Best-Seller.

It’s an epic, heroic Spiritual/Paranormal Fantasy novel in the old tradition, yet with original and surprising elements. It attracts attention from a wide range of people, both straight and gay as it deals with many issue’s such as: justice/injustice, power, lesbian romance, freedom, adventure, magic, immortality, intrigue, soul searching, love, life, loss and near death experience.

In this book the author explores more than the ancient battle between good and evil so common in Fantasy literature. What is evil really, and how does someone become ‘bad’? Her books are available for Kindle, free with KindleUnlimited and in Paperback.

Ms Hellenthal is influenced by writers such as Tanith Lee, Kahlil Gibran, Patricia McKillip and Hermann Hesse.

She is currently working on book three in the Epic Supernatural Fantasy Comyenti Series. Book 1, ‘Call Off The Search,’ and the dramatic sequel, ‘Children Of The Sun’ are available both for Kindle and in Paperback.

‘Chained Freedom’– a stand alone fairy-tale for adults as part of the Comyenti Series to give readers a taste– is a FREE download on Amazon.

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