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Announcement: Redona’s Wrath, by DJ Manly

Redona's WrathAmber Quill author DJ Manly has a new dark fantasy book out:

Welcome back to Spectrum Skies, where trying to get every species to play nice with each other is a daily struggle in and out of the bedroom.

Recently, Pascal walked through fire to get to his lover London, but now his police co-captain is distant, dwelling on things Pascal thinks belong in the past. But now they also realize they have bigger problems…

Redona, queen of the underworld, is not about to give up on muscling her way into Spectrum Skies, and thanks to Pascal, she has found an ideal way to do just that. But will Pascal and London be able to stop her reign of terror?

Book 5 of the Spectrum Skies series


Pascal pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine. He sat back and closed his eyes. He hoped that London wasn’t pulling away from him. Ever since London had discovered that Pascal had slept with his ancestor, he’d been distant. Pascal wasn’t sure how he was supposed to convince London that he was the only one he’d ever really loved, or whatever it was vampires felt that was akin to that.

Pascal sighed and got out of the car. He stuck the key in the door and walked into the house. “London?” he called out. “Where are you?”

“In here,” London replied, his voice coming from the living room.

Pascal could feel his pain. “Poor baby,” he said softly, walking over to the sofa where London lay with an ice pack on his head. “It really hurts, eh?”

London nodded, looking up at him. He was still wearing the bloodstained shirt. Pascal didn’t need to see it. He could smell it.

Pascal reached down and gently removed the ice bag. He placed a hand on London’s forehead. “Close your eyes,” he said softly. “Relax.” Pascal concentrated on London’s pain and for a second he could actually feel it, too. Then it was gone.

London’s eyes snapped open, and he smiled. “How do you do that?”

“I don’t know,” Pascal said. “Okay now?” He perched on the edge of the sofa and took London’s hand.

London nodded. “It was terrible, having to tell his wife. So sad.”

Pascal saw London’s eyes fill with tears.

“This kind of thing is never easy,” Pascal said.

“What did you do with Chrome?” London’s eyebrows narrowed.

There it was. Pascal had known it was coming. “You don’t need to know.” Pascal released his hand and got to his feet.

London sat up. “I do need to know. How do we explain this, Pascal? What do we say in the report? Do we say he just went poof?”

“Fuck the report.” Pascal left the room and mounted the stairs to the loft.

London scrambled up after him. “Did you…bury him somewhere or—”

“What do you care?” Pascal turned to look at him. “He was a killer, that’s all he knew. He would have killed again. Treatment wasn’t an option and he didn’t respond to human-made justice.”

“We can’t just play judge and executioner,” London protested. “That’s the past. Things are different, civilized now. That kind of thing drags us back to the time when vampires had their own justice and werewolves had theirs.”

“And still do,” Pascal scoffed. “You don’t think that the wolves take care of the infractions in their packs? Do you think they run to the police every time a wolf breaks the rules? If you think that, London, you’re just naïve.”

“Naïve?” London snapped. “Did you just call me naïve? I might be the fool who’s been kept in the dark about your past, but I’m far from—”

“Wait.” Pascal put up a hand and came to stand in front of him. “What does that mean, a fool kept in the dark about my past?”

“You know what it means.” London pointed a finger in Pascal’s chest. “You fucked my ancestor, had a relationship with him and never even told me. I had to find out from a demon…”

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Author Bio

D. J. Manly says, “I write not only for my own pleasure, but for the pleasure of my readers. I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t written and told stories. When I’m not writing, I’m dreaming about writing, doing something wild and adventurous, or trying to make the world a better and more open-minded place to live in. I adore beautiful men, and I know I’m not alone in this! Eroticism between consenting adults, in all its many forms, is the icing on the cake of life!” To find out more about D. J., visit the author’s website at

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