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ANNOUNCEMENT: Ring and Arrow, by William Quirk

QSFer William Quirk has a new Gay/Gender Fluid sci fi YA book out: “Ring and Arrow.”

What would you do if you found out your Dad was negotiating a contract with Aliens to enslave the human race? If you’re Arrow, a comic book nerd with ADHD and other less respectable initials, you team up with your locked and loaded since birth half-bro, Amos, and your new bruh, Dap, to try and stop him.

They don’t get very far until Dap finds an independent floppy on line that tells the same, exact story. Ring, the plotter as well as the penciler, is another sixteen year old boy who seems to have an unconscious link with the Aliens.

What follows is a wild ride through cosmology, mythology, love and fate. The crew has to deal with Arrow’s Dad’s brilliant financial manipulations, a monster who causes cancer and a Yorkshire Terrier with mental health issues. All while Ring and Arrow are falling in love.

Do they succeed? Depends on your point of view.

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Arrow placed his palm on the screen and almost everything came true simultaneously: in one flash of insight, he understood concepts ranging from time’s duty to keep everything from happening at the same instant to his Dad’s compulsion to prevail even if it meant killing everyone but Amos and himself.

And there was more, all of it existing in a clear and vast continuum.

Causality was a product of time passing and the Squirts had figured out a way to live outside it. They were time engineers and their tech had polluted causality itself.

Author Bio

William Quirk has two other e books published on Amazon. His day job for over two decades was working in the front of house of Broadway theaters where he got Patrick Strewart’s autograph. He moved back to his hometown to take care of his elderly mother in 2015. His day job now is delivering prescriptions. He writes every chance he gets.

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