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Announcement: Ryker’s Aquamate, by Cree Storm

Ryker's Aquamate, by Cree StormQSFer Cree Storm has another fantasy MM series out – “Mystic”. The first book is Ryker’s Aquamate:

A meteor attack has changed the world as we know it. Most of the people that survived now have special powers. However, as with all people, some are good and some are evil. There is a group of men that were brought together by the World Council called MYSTIC, a group of men with multiple powers. They are only brought in on to deal with Nefariouses. These are men with powers used for their own evil, twisted purpose.

Ryker Spalding is a MYSTIC agent. He is six feet three inches and can control metal, speak any language, and decode any message while levitating in the air. Quinn Sanders can breathe underwater while he talks to underwater mammals. He lead a quiet life until the day a sadistic serial killer set his sights on him. Now he can only hope that his new found mate, Ryker, can keep him safe without one or both of them getting killed.


Stepping down real quick, Quinn went to the door whispering, “Hello out there, can you hear me?”

No one said anything at first and then a tentative voice came through. “Yes. I’m here.”

“Can you tell if anyone is out there?” Quinn said in a hushed voice.

“No, they’re with Clark, poor guy,” came the scared reply.

“What’s your name?” Quinn asked quietly.

“Gene…Gene Oberman,” came the soft reply.

Quinn heard Agnes cry out again and new help was on its way now. “Get ready to get out of here, help is here.”

“Are you crazy? Did you forget so soon what Clark is going through?” came Gene’s frightened reply.

“We are all getting out of here, Gene,” Quinn said as he made his way to the cot. Just as he stepped on the basin and went to look out the window, a face appeared in front of him.

Quinn let out an unmanly squeal and wound his arms around and around as he fell off the cot and landed hard on the floor, hitting his head.

Rubbing his head, Quinn turned over and got to his knees. He hung his head and tried to shake off the dizziness. When he felt a hand touch his shoulder.

Flipping back over quickly Quinn screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

A large hand was placed over Quinn’s mouth and this huge Adonis was leaning over him. “Be quiet, Quinn. My name is Ryker and I’m with MYSTIC. I’m here to get you and the others out of here.”
All Quinn could do was gawk at Ryker. He had heard of MYSTIC. They were a bunch of badass men that tracked down serial killers and shit. However, he had no idea they would also be men that were drool-worthy or make his cock stand up at attention.

Ryker had to be one of the most sexy men Quinn had ever seen. With midnight blue eyes, blond hair, and muscles on top of muscles…and damn but he was tall. Hell, he had to be almost a full foot taller than Quinn’s mere five foot five inches.

“Quinn, did you hear me? Did you hurt yourself?” Ryker asked with great concern as he took his hands and proceeded to run them all over Quinn’s body.

Quinn knew Ryker was checking him for injuries, but he was truly struck dumb. All he could focus on were the hands feeling him up and Quinn’s cock began to leak with pre-cum.

A look of real concern was on Ryker’s face as he said, “Did that insane man do something to you, Quinn? Can you talk?”

Hearing the concern and being reminded of Mitchum brought Quinn back to his current situation and he whispered, “I’m fine. I just hit my head a bit but nothing that won’t heal with some aspirin. It is Clark and the others that need you.”

Not wanting Ryker to see or notice his shaft was swollen and leaking, Quinn pushed away Ryker’s hands. Suddenly a thought came to Quinn. “How did you get in here?”

Ryker helped Quinn to his feet and started to rub his hands up and down Quinn’s arms and then turned him around to brush off his backside.

If Ryker didn’t stop touching him, Quinn knew he was going to erupt right there. Turing back around, he pushed at Ryker. “Enough! I’m fine. Please talk to me! How did you get in here and how are we going to get out?”

Ryker turned toward the window. “You’re going to hold on and I’m going to lower you to the boat. My colleagues are there and they can keep you safe while I get the others.”

Quinn’s mouth dropped open when he looked at the bars on the window and they were completely melted. “How did you do that?”

“It is one of my gifts. I control metals and I can levitate. We don’t have a lot of time, so let’s go,” Ryker said as he pulled Quinn toward the window.

“Hold on,” Quinn said as he pulled back and went back to the door.

“Gene, help is here and he is coming through your window. Can you get word out to the others?” Quinn whispered.

“Are you sure?” Gene asked hesitantly.

“Yes, please talk to them. You can’t stay here, Gene, he will kill you all.” Quinn made his way back toward Ryker.

Holding Ryker’s neck, Quinn looked up. “I’m ready.”

Ryker looked into Quinn’s moss green eyes that stood out with Quinn’s shoulder-length dark brown hair. Touching the man had been like coming home and there was one thing he needed to do before they left.
Leaning down, Ryker put his lips to Quinn’s and felt an electrical buzz go through him. It was like plugging in a charger for a battery. Ryker felt his energy boost and cock swell. When Quinn opened up for him, Ryker did not disappoint.

Slipping his tongue in and tasting Quinn’s luscious lips, Ryker’s arms grew tighter around Quinn.
Knowing they were running out of time, Ryker reluctantly pulled away. “When I am done here we need to talk.”

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Author Bio

Cree lives in Southern New Mexico. The only thing she loves more than reading about gorgeous men and love is writing about them. Spending time with her friends and family is very important to her. When she is not writing or spending time with the love of her life you can find her watching the Oregon Mountains with a nice hot cup of coffee and her laptop or on face book with her many friends.

She gets up in the morning and the first thing she does is make erself a BIG pot of coffee. Then she gets out her laptop out go thru her facebook posts, and after that is when she start writing. She tries to write at least a litte bit everyday – between 2000-4000 words on the days she can focus and write and the days she is not as focused, she is usually doing research for her books.

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