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ANNOUNCEMENT: Shadow Maker, by Amir Lane

Shadow Maker

QSFer Amir Lane has a new queer paranormal book out:

Physics major Dieter Lindemann is perfectly content living in a world where the Shadows he sees and hears are nothing but figments of his imagination. But when one attacks him, he’s forced to confront the fact that the Shadows are not only real, but dangerous.

Though Necromancer Alistair Cudmore offers to help him, Dieter quickly realizes that what he and Alistair want are two very different things, and it’s difference that could cost him his life. Controlling and possessive, Alistair pushes him further and further into blood magic, dragging him down into a world he never wanted any part in. As the spirits and Alistair grow more and more violent, Dieter must break away from his mentor and learn to control the Shadows on his own before they destroy him. Only, Alistair isn’t about to let him go without a fight.

Morrighan House Witches Book One

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Dieter barely noticed the Shadows. They were there, same as always. But he felt too good and he was in too much of a rush to pay them any attention.

For the first time in his life, someone else could see them.

Alistair could see them. Alistair, who controlled spirits. Alistair, who wasn’t just a Sensitive, but an actual, honest-to-God Necromancer.

This was way out of Dieter’s comfort zone. He was far from ready to consider Necromancy, of all things. It wasn’t something people just did. Dieter was pretty sure it was even illegal. It sounded like something that would be illegal. Or should be.

A scheduling mix-up forced Dieter to work through his break and later than he wanted to. It wasn’t until just after five that he finally had a chance to sit down with an absurdly expensive muffin and coffee and check his phone. There were responses to several drunk text messages, and one message from an unknown number.


Dieter saved the number in his contacts under Alistair’s first name, leaving the last name blank for now. Tucking his phone into his back pocket to enjoy his very late lunch, Dieter wondered when he’d given Alistair his number.

Author Bio

Amir Lane is an LGBT+ supernatural and urban fantasy writer from Sudbury, Ontario. Engineer by trade, they spend most of their writing time in a small home office or in front of the TV watching every cop procedural on Netflix. They live in a world where magic is an every day occurrence, and they strive to bring that world to paper.
When not trying to figure out what kind of day job an incubus would have or what a necromancer would go to school for, Amir enjoys visiting the nearest Dairy Queen, getting killed in video games, absorbing the contents of comic books, and freaking out over how fluffy the neighbour’s dog is.

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