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Announcement: Shifter Born, by AT Weaver

Shifter BornQSFer AT Weaver has a new paranormal book out:

After seeing his family betrayed and executed during the French Revolutionary War, Marrok De Clarency, an immortal, natural-born shifter makes his way to the New World. As he moves from place to place across the American wilderness, he finds not only the means to his revenge, but love. Even as the world progresses around him, he prefers the quite life away from cities and homesteads in remote areas.

He gives his heart again and again, each time hoping that this time, he’s found his mate. A chance encounter in the woods leaves him wondering, has Fate at last led him to his eternal love?


As dawn broke, a dozen hawks flew toward Paris. One by one, they landed in an alley, shifted into rats and blended into the shadows. A sewer led into the prison, but before they got inside, the cart carrying the de Clarency family exited the building into the walled courtyard.

The gathered crowd cheered.

The rats watched as one by one, the family members were led to the guillotine.

Tears filled Marrok’s eyes as he watched the blade descend on the neck of his beautiful mother.

His father’s voice echoed in Marrok’s mind as the older man’s head was placed on the block.

“Marrok, I know you’re here. Get out of France. Go to my brother, Henri, in Boston, America.”

“Not until Dupré pays for what he’s done.”

“Be careful my son. Allez avec Dieu.”

Nicolette was the last to be executed. Dupré stood beside the guillotine and laughed as the blade descended on her graceful neck.

As Dupré headed for the de Clarency estate in search of Marrok, one of the rats shifted into a raven and followed.


Dupré and his men rode to the mansion.

Several roughly dressed women followed in the same cart used to transport the de Clarency’s to Paris.

Dupré issued orders as he dismounted. “Claude, there has to be a locked drawer or box here somewhere. I know the women had very expensive jewelry. It wouldn’t be lying around just anywhere.” Upstairs, he rummaged through the wardrobes and threw the expensive clothing to the women. “Here, these will bring a lot of money in the city.”

One of the women whined, “I want to keep them. They’ll fit me.”

“You can keep some of the poorer stuff. Sell the rest.”

Claude called from Marrok’s father’s study, “Here’s a locked box.”

Dupré went downstairs, shot the lock off the box and opened it. Inside were cases of expensive jewels and small stacks of money. He instructed the men to gather the expensive silver, china, linens and small furnishings and load them onto the cart. When the cart was full, he ordered them to burn the house.


Marrok, in the form of a small mouse, saw every move Dupré made. Even though his father and grandfather always stressed they were not to use their powers against humans, his need for revenge burned in his heart.

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Author Bio

A. T. Weaver is the pen name of a grandmother of ten. She lives with her cat, Cleopatra, in downtown Kansas City, MO.

When she was growing up, the word gay meant happy and carefree and homosexuals were called queer or ‘one-of-those’. However, she never heard those terms until she was married and a mother.
In 2003, through a TV show called Boy Meets Boy, A.T ‘met’ over 3,000 gay men in a Yahoo group. These men educated her as to the inequalities suffered by the LGBT community and she became a staunch ally. She visited one of the men in San Francisco who lived just up the street from the Castro. As he showed her around, they stopped in front of what was once Harvey Milk’s camera store. Her question, “Who was Harvey Milk?” started her education into Gay history.

A. T.’s aim is to move you in some way. Whether you laugh or cry, love it or hate it, she welcomes all comments, whether good or bad.



Email: [email protected]


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