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ANNOUNCEMENT: Shifting Chaos – Elizabeth Noble

Shifting Chaos

QSFer Elizabeth Noble has a new MM paranormal/urban fantasy romance out, Sleepless City book 4: “Shifting Chaos.”

We aren’t a we without all of us.

Chaos reigns in The Sleepless City and it’s really beginning to piss Detective Jonas Forge off.

He’s separated from his soulmate, Blair Turner. A separation he fears might be permanent.

Nothing is going right. It’s as if the universe is conspiring against him. A long closed off door buried deep within his psyche cracks open when a turn of events flips his world upside down. There’s a monster behind that door and he’s not sure where the monster leaves off and he begins.

Hallucinations grip the town and demons lurk around every corner, causing havoc and threatening to tear the family in Boggs’s Castle to shreds. The only way forward is to bare all to each other. While Forge and Declan confront horrors from their shared past, they all learn a terrible truth about vampires—one not even imagined in their worst nightmare.

Can they control a monster in order to defeat a demon?

If you like imperfect heroes with tarnished pasts who don’t know how to quit, then you’ll love Shifting Chaos by Elizabeth Noble, the action-packed, emotional conclusion to The Sleepless City.

Author’s note: This book was originally published in 2015. It has been rewritten with new chapters and scenes and re-edited.

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Forge yawned and pulled the blanket higher when Blair sat up beside him and rubbed his chest.

“Do you hear that?” Blair asked.

“We’re not supposed to listen,” Forge grumbled and rolled over.

Something crashed on the first floor, and outside the bedroom door, Moose leapt up and barked.

Forge sat up and looked at the clock. They’d been asleep for a few hours.

“I heard that.”

They looked at each other when, from the main floor of the castle, Ben shouted, “Broke into the wrong bloody house!”

“Someone broke in here?” Blair gasped.

In a flurry of movement, Forge and Blair threw off the bedcovers and scrambled off the bed. Forge bolted toward the door.

“Hey, pants,” Blair called. Forge turned in time to catch his jeans with his face.

Blair pulled sweats on, and Forge tugged on his jeans as he ran for the door. They nearly collided with Declan and Lucas, both barefoot and wearing nothing but boxers, running down the steps from the top floor. Moose charged after them, barking.

Somehow the dog got in front of them. Forge grabbed at him and missed. Moose galloped through the house to the living room, where Simon was shouting at someone to stop, which wasn’t right. Simon shouldn’t have to shout; he could take out practically anyone.

“What the hell?” Lucas yelled, pointing at the living room. “I live with four men who can hear a mouse sneeze seventeen blocks away and none of you hear some thug break into our house?” He turned around when something whistled through the air, then jerked to the side when that something embedded itself in the wall behind him. “With a freaking harpoon!”

“Bloody wanker go back to the Jurassic where you belong,” Ben shouted and skirted around the couch, another harpoon nocked and ready to fire.

“Ben, there is nothing here but us.” Simon appeared behind Ben, hands out, trying to grab him.

Ben rounded on him and pointed the antique harpoon gun at him.

“Shit,” Forge hissed. “Go around.” He gave Blair a push and got him moving.

“When did we get a harpoon gun?” Lucas asked, dodging around Ben.

Ben kicked a side table out of the way and moved close enough so he’d be able to shoot Simon point-blank. Forge heard a click. He turned on the speed, cleared the couch, and grabbed Simon around the shoulders. He spun them both and shoved Simon to the floor, then dove on top of him.

In the next instant, both Forge and Simon bounded to their feet. Moose barked, and Ben spun toward the dog and fired. A second later Blair flashed in from the side and tackled Ben to the ground.

Moose yelped, and Declan ground out, “Fuck.”

Lucas wasted no time in getting the harpoon gun out of Ben’s hands. He brought his knee up and cracked the old weapon in half, rendering it useless.

Forge darted around Simon. “Moose?”

Declan was standing in the doorway leading to the kitchen. He’d scooped Moose up and still held him. The harpoon had come to a stop in the doorjamb an inch or two over his shoulder. A gash ran across the bulge of muscle at the top of Declan’s arm, and blood trickled down his biceps.

Moose wagged his tail and licked at Declan’s face.

“I got your dog,” Declan said weakly.

Author Bio

Mystery, action, chills, and thrills spiced with romance and desire. ELIZABETH NOBLE lives by the adage “I can’t not write.” She doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t make up stories and eventually she learned how to put words on a page. Those words turned into books and fan fiction that turned into a genuine love of M/M fiction. A part of every day is spent living in worlds she created that are filled with intrigue and espionage. She has a real love for a good mystery complete with murder and twisty plots as well as all things sci-fi, futuristic, and supernatural.
When she’s not chronicling the adventures of her many characters, Elizabeth is a veterinary nurse living in her native Cleveland, Ohio. She has three grown children and now happily shares her little, brick house with a spunky Cardigan Welsh Corgi and his sidekick, tabby cat. Elizabeth is a fan of baseball, basketball (go Cavs and Cleveland Baseball) and gardening. She can often be found working in her ‘outside office’ listening to classic rock and plotter her next novel waiting for it to be dark enough to gaze at the stars.

Elizabeth has received a number of amateur writing awards. Since being published, several of her novels have received Honorable Mentions in the Rainbow Awards. Jewel Cave was a runner-up in the Gay Mystery/Thriller category in the 2015 Rainbow Awards. Ringed Love was a winner in the Gay Fantasy Romance category of the 2016 Rainbow Awards.

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