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Announcement: Shirewode, by J. Tullos Hennig

Shirewode - J. Tullos hennigQSFer and DSP author J. Tullos Hennig has a new book out in the Wode Series:

The King of the Shire Wode. That is what they will call you…

Home razed by Church edict, loved ones struck down by treachery, Rob is left for dead. Taken by the old druid master into the deeps, Rob survives to emerge as driven leader of a band of tight-knit outcasts, claiming the forest as their own and wielding the Horned Lord’s vengeance with silent, deadly arrows. Gamelyn has fled England, only to return after finding new identity and purpose–but no absolution–on Crusade. When the two boyhood lovers next cross paths, it will be in a brutal, blindfolded game of foxes and hounds, one which pits Templar assassin against Heathen outlaw. When Rob discovers Marion is also still alive, the game turns.

History will chronicle Robyn Hood and Guy de Gisbourne as the deadliest of enemies, but the reality is complicated–and infinitely more tragic.

Buy Link

DSP Publications: http://www.dsppublications.com/books/shirewode-by-j-tullos-hennig-47-b

Author Bio

With an inveterate fascination in other times and places, J Tullos Hennig has managed a few lifetime professions in this world–equestrian, dancer, teacher, artist–but has never successfully managed to not be a writer. Ever. Since living on an island in Washington State merely encourages–nay, guarantees–already rampant hermetic and artistic tendencies, particularly in winter, Jen is quite reconciled to never escaping this lifelong affliction. Comparisons have also been made to a bridge troll, one hopefully emulating the one under Fremont Bridge: moderately tolerant, but… You know. Bridge troll.

Blessed with an understanding, longstanding Amazing Spouse, kids and grandkids, Jen is also alternately plagued and blessed with a small herd of equine freeloaders on retirement pensions, a teenage borzoi who alternates leaping over the sofa with snoozing on it… and, of course, a press gang of invisible ‘friends’ who Will. Not. Be. Silenced.


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