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ANNOUNCEMENT: Stronger Than Fate, by Dakila Reed

Stronger Than Fate

QSFer Dakila Reed has a new MM paranormal book out:

“Against the fated omega of my beloved alpha… how do I stand a chance?”

All of Skye’s life he has dedicated to the pack which took him in and cared for him.

Rustom, the district’s supreme alpha, is his best friend, buddy, protector and his something deeper. They are lovers in the eyes of many, envied by those unclaimed.

That is until Rustom Vera’s destined omega, Reece, makes an appearance.

Skye’s place in the pack, his position in Rustom’s life collapses and falls apart.

Will he stand a chance against his alpha’s fated mate? Or wounded, fade away from the picture and let the course of destiny happen?


Author Bio

Dakila Reed is a hybrid of many cultures living in various times and places inside her head. Her name borders between ‘heroic’ and ‘great’. She is in no way heroic but she is striving hard to be great in the little things she do.

Black coffee runs through her veins. An avid player of Pump It Up and currently at Level Crazy.

She aims to bring M/M romances with slices of life, sweetness in love, and bites of pain.

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