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Announcement: The Better to Kiss You With, by Michelle Osgood

The Better to Kiss You WIthQSFer Michelle Osgood has a new paranormal book out:

In the rare moments when Deanna Scott isn’t working as the moderator for Wolf’s Run, an online werewolf role-playing game, she wanders the local forest trails with her golden retriever, Arthur, and daydreams about Jaime, the attractive, enigmatic woman who lives upstairs.

As Wolf Run’s “den mother,” Deanna is accustomed to petty online drama. But when threats from an antagonistic player escalate, Deanna wonders if her awesome online job could be riskier than she’d ever imagined—and if her new girlfriend knows more about this community than she had realized.


Gripping Arthur’s leash tight in one hand and Nathan’s hand tight in the other, she swept her gaze over the faces in front of her, looking desperately for the familiar fall of dark hair over a face with a wide and agile mouth, or for a pair of haunting orange eyes.

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Author Bio

Michelle Osgood lives in Vancouver, BC, with her partner Elizabeth and their two cats. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and has been reading, writing and blogging in online communities for five years. She likes to read romance novels, speculative fiction and feminist pop culture critique.

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