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Announcement: The Devil’s Science, by Jate Hemms

The Devil's Science Book 1QSFer Jate Hemms has a new Sci Fi book out:

Thomas was a middle aged man who lived a troubled life of sadness and grief. He tried to maintain his sanity through the worst events life has to offer. Little did he know that fate had something much more in store for him that would change his life. . . and the world forever.

This story looks at the complexities of religion against the marvels of advanced technology and the many shades of grey in between. It will challenge the seemingly easy process of determining what is right and wrong and show how there is never a clear path, but degrees of lesser evil in all the choices we face.

Is there a God? Is there a Devil? Is there a Heaven? Is there a Hell? Is there Aliens? Is there more than one Universe? Is there more than one Reality?

You are about to take a journey with Thomas into a world that looks at these questions which have baffled man since the beginning of time.

This is part of a trilogy.

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Author Bio

I was born in Upstate NY. My father died when I was just ten years old from a Service-related injury serving in the Korean War. My mother raised me and my two brothers and sister. I am the youngest of the four. After graduating from High School, I moved to the closest city and attended Community College. I graduated with a Double Associates Degree. I then worked for a bank as Head of Security. While there I slipped during an Ice Storm and fell, in which I fractured my spine. The injury was severe and I was forced to go on Workers’ Compensation.

As with all Insurance companies, they fought my case to the point where it became necessary to hire an attorney. After not showing up multiple times for hearings, I was forced to fire him and represent myself. I won the case and did such a good job that the judge told me he had never seen anyone handle a case so well. He advised me that I should consider handling cases myself for others. While unable to work, I attended an on-line University and got my B.S. and M.A. I took the NYS Workers’ Compensation Bar exam and passed on the first attempt. From that point on I represented thousands of Injured Workers’, Disabled individuals and many Handicapped people for almost ten years.

With most my family moved to Florida, I ended up closing my firm and moving down there to help my mother. I worked as a Legal Consultant for a Doctor for several years until I was in a Car-accident. While stopped in traffic someone hit me from behind doing over 50 mph. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with all the disks in my neck herniated (Four severely). I was forced to go on Disability.

The injuries to my neck are so extensive I am forced to see a Doctor and go to Physical Therapy. With these limitations, I decided instead of giving up altogether on life, I would do what has always been a great passion of mine… to write. So that brings us to the current.

* A percentage of the profits from this book will be used to re-open my NYS Workers’ Compensation Firm and specialize in 9/11 workers who stayed at Ground Zero to help others and contracted medical complications years later and are being denied treatment.

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1 thought on “Announcement: The Devil’s Science, by Jate Hemms”

  1. This Book is the real deal. Not a big reader but after the first chapter your hooked. Non-stop excitement and easy to read. Finished it in less than a week. Don’t want to do a spoiler, but some deep concepts and horrific Gore. Bought both Paperback and Hardcover. Im a Jate Hemms fan for life.


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