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Announcement: The Parliament of Twilight, Episode 1, by Dani Hermit and Nevi Star

Parliament of Twilight paperbackQSFers Dani Hermit and Nevi Star have just released their book The Parliament of Twilight, Episode 1 in paperback for the first time:

What do a TV ghost hunter, a fading Broadway icon, a CEO and his son, a bored assassin, and a whole host of other delightfully damaged and deranged characters have in common? The Parliament of Twilight binds them all from the shadows.

The men of this deliciously Yaoi-inspired world fall in and out of love nearly as much as they fall in and out of danger. Steered from the shadows by the mysterious Parliament of Twilight, they must navigate nefarious plots, romantic entanglements, and mortal peril – everything from being attacked by monsters in the highlands of India to altercations with ex-lovers in liquor stores.

WARNING: The books of the Parliament of Twilight series are written with the intention of portraying real, raw characters and situations. While they are not necessarily erotic novels, there are quite a few sex-laden scenes in the course of the narrative. There are elements of gore, horror, and generally disturbing imagery integrated into the stories, even in the sex scenes.


Life hadn’t been kind to RT Wilmot as of late.

Despite being one of the best musical theater actors and creators of the last 40 years, he was broke. It had been years since he was welcome on his beloved stage, either as an actor or a writer. Wolf TV, the only studio that would touch him these days, seemed unable to find a game show or, God help him, a reality program for him to host. They didn’t even have another poorly compensated gig writing for their much less glamorous Wolf Pups TV division.

He would have thought that devoting those same 40 plus years to the Parliament of Twilight would have had some sort of payoff. But the clandestine organization that he worked for were even more ungrateful than Hollywood. After years of helping to keep the world safe from all sorts of supernatural phenomenon and creatures as an Agent, he had been forced into a state of semi-retirement. He had spent the last twenty years alternating between training new Agents and sinking into deep depressions that made him completely useless.

But none of that was why he was at a budget liquor store on the outskirts of Hollywood today.

Today it was about heartache. A year ago RT had been desperately, madly in love. Not that the man knew any other way to be in love. Only a deeply romantic soul could write the sort of beautifully tragic Broadway epics he was still famous for.

Today was about Jacob. His Jacob. Gorgeous, dangerous, and incredible in bed Jacob. He had been younger than the fallen Broadway queen, but not excessively. He made RT laugh and feel like maybe he still had something to say about love. A new musical was being born from the time they shared together. It had been wonderful, but sometimes in the middle of the night, RT feared it was too perfect. He had been right.

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Author Bio

Dani & Nevi have been together as partners in love, life, and writing for fifteen years. They spend every day in a nauseating haze of lovey-dovey goo-goo eyes and dark, twisted plotlines. When not writing together they are watching TV or anime together, or pursuing their separate hobbies & side jobs.

Nevi Star is both an author and the artist for Hermit & Star Books. She has done all of the cover art and interior art for the Parliament of Twilight special edition novels, as well as many fanart pieces. She spends most of her time away from the writing desk working on art or watching anime. An art school survivor, she has been slowly evolving her style over the past twenty years. Always willing to try out a new medium, she has worked with paint, marker, pastel, and most recently, digital art tools. Nevi is the creator of the Furfimermals, super cute little aquatic critters who love to cosplay! Some of them are currently available as stickers and small art prints in our Etsy shop.

Dani Hermit has been writing stories as long as she can remember. She started out with really embarrassing X-Men fanfiction and went through several fandoms over the years with her original worlds only being a small part of what she did. One fateful day fifteen years ago, she found herself suddenly in a relationship with another writer and while they enjoyed writing fanworks together, the original worlds they built just couldn’t be denied. They began with small, hesitant forays into the world of original fiction, but then they met the characters of the Parliament of Twilight and all was lost! Recently, Dani has taken over the design of the Parliament of Twilight series covers. When not focusing on the joint projects of Hermit & Star, Dani designs book covers (which are for sale on her deviantart page —
Twitter: @dani_rr_hermit or @hermitstarbooks

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