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Announcement: The Rain, by Amos Cassidy

The Rain, Amos Cassidy, fantasy, Arthurian, lgbt fictionQSFer Amos Cassidy has a new fantasy book out:

Destinies aren’t written, they’re forged, and Jake Winters is about to get a 101 in forging.

A quaint British coastal town hiding ancient secrets, a heavenly weapon that claims a host, a dragon’s egg that has a tale to tell – Jake Winters is the line that connects all the dots.

But Jake has much to learn, and very little time, because a serial killer is on the loose, a monster with the face of a fashion model, and it’ll take Jake’s special brand of intervention to stop him…

Book One in The Jake Pendragon Chronicles

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Author Bio

Amos Cassidy – a team of two. Amos is a 31 year old Diva and Cassidy a 38 year old mum of three.
Aside from a passion for writing and a love of reading they also share an addiction to coffee, love anything Joss Whedon and are constantly playing tug of war over Jensen Ackles.

Website: http://amoscassidyauthor.com

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