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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Rebel’s Mate, by C.W. Gray

The Rebel's Mate, By C.W. Gray

QSFer C.W. Gray has a new mm sci fi romance out: “The Rebel’s Mate.”

Welcome back to Charybdis Station and the crew of the Blue Solace: (Seventh Book in the series)

Finn Sterling is still adjusting to becoming the lieutenant of the blue fleet of Charybdis Station. As an orphan on Cardinal Hold, he never imagined he would have a position of authority as an adult and the trust his friends put in him makes failure impossible. When he is given the monumental task to find a large number of missing Vextonians, he’ll take all the help he can get. When Finn’s journey brings him to his mate, he discovers that finding the missing is only one part of the quest ahead of him.

Aiden Crow has spent the last year consumed with grief and his search for vengeance. When he meets Finn, he knows instantly that the man is his mate, but what could he possibly offer the beautiful, smiling Cardinal? As the search for the missing draw the two men together, Crow realizes that the greatest risk he faces is losing his heart.

Crow and Finn must work together to gather information so they can find the innocent before they are lost forever.

Author’s Note: 55,000 words. This is a sci-fi/fantasy, m/m love at first sight story with no angst and no cheating, just a HEA. There is lots of action, a little sex, mpreg, and a few potty mouths involved in the story. 18+ readers only, please. It is also the seventh book in a series that is best read in order. Read “The Mercenary’s Mate,” “The General’s Mate,” “The Soldier’s Mate,” “The Lieutenant’s Mate,” “The Engineer’s Mate,” and “The Captain’s Mate” first!

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Aiden Crow rode a speeder through the near empty street of Pagent’s Distillery. The city was one of the last HF-controlled holdouts against the rebellion. The Jevio family had unofficially controlled the profitable city for generations, and they refused to give up that power.

As he turned into one of the darkened neighborhoods, Parker’s voice came through the comm in Crow’s helmet. “Michael Jevio just surrendered, boss.” Crow’s second-in-command was leading the attack at the Jevio mansion.

“Old man Jevio isn’t there, but we got the rest of the family.”

“Good.” Crow’s voice was too gruff even to his own ears. “The government building just fell to Jada’s soldiers.”

“What went wrong?” Parker asked, voice solemn. 

Damn asshole can read me too well. Crow zoomed through an empty shopping center, ignoring the burning garbage and bloodstained cement.

“We lost more people than usual. City enforcement sided with Jevio’s people, and the fucking Belcrest assassins showed up in force.”

“Who did we lose?” Parker asked quietly.

“Horski and Mel.” They had lost more, but those two had been Crow’s people. Two people that Crow had dragged into this stinking pile of dog shit.

“Damn it,” Parker cursed. The Dedril was quiet a moment. “Don’t let this fuck with your head, boss. They knew what they were doing.”

“Horski’s wife wasn’t so forgiving.” Crow gritted his teeth as he drove past abandoned houses. He felt eyes watching him from the dark, and his gut churned in guilt. Their city is torn apart. 

“You talked to her by yourself?” Parker cursed again. “Boss, that was stupid.”

Crow drove past a familiar dilapidated office building. The security stations around the building were burning, smoke billowing from them. Dad, you would hate to see it now. This place was your pride and joy.

He shook his head and focused on the present. “I didn’t want to wait. Mel’s parents took it better. I’ll make arrangements.” 

“I’ll get Staci on it.” Parker sighed. “Come home, boss. We’ll drink to our friends.”

“One more stop.” Crow parked in front of a large, darkened house. The neighborhood had been an old and respected one before HF and the fighting. Now, it was almost as derelict as his dad’s old office building.

“Tell your mom I said hello,” Parker said wryly, then disconnected.

Author Bio

I have been self-publishing m/m romance since October, 2018 and enjoy sharing my books with readers all over the world. I’m also a reader and I love to read everything I can get my hands on, especially m/m romance. My favorite subgenres are mpreg, sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal. I currently have four series right now, so if you like zero angst and light and fluffy romance, give one of my books a try!

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