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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Second Three Judge’s Picks for “Impact”

Judge's Pick

It’s time to announce the second three of our Judge’s Picks (well, technically the two Judges’ pics and one Director’s pick) – stories that did not win the contest, but that at least one of our judges (or I) absolutely loved.

For our picks, feel free to use the badge above. :)

by A.M. Leibowitz
Judge: Angel Martinez

“Given a theme that lends itself to disaster, the stories that opted for a humorous, lighthearted take on Impact stood out for me. This one gives us a complete world where household mishaps are likely to be magical and real trolls live under bridges, engaging characters and a situation that made me chuckle. Completely charming with a choice of theme fulfillment that I hadn’t expected and an engaging character who knows what she’s getting into and does it anyway.”

All About Eve
Clare London
Judge: B.A. Brock

“EVE WAS THE PERFECT WOMAN, designed to be someone who everyone wanted and/or wanted to be, only her creator did too good of a job. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others’ success, looks, health, and wealth. In less than three hundred words, the author gives us a cautionary tale of perfectionism, and what can happen when our imperfect individuality is erased. Our protagonist is seemingly destroyed in the end, but with this tragedy I saw power and beauty, a hope for something better. Her soul burned brighter than Eve’s ever could.”

First Bout: Andromedolls vs. Crotch Rockets
Ginger Streusel
Director: J. Scott Coatsworth

“MAKING the pick this year for my Director’s Choice was very difficult. I had ten stories I started with, and then winnowed down to three, all of which were well written and unique among their competition. What made Andromedolls my ultimate choice was the speed and ease with which the author immersed me in a world that was simultaneously familiar and futuristic – with little details to give me that sci fi feel I so love. It throws you into the deep end, racing along the neon track, and doesn’t let up until the sweet ending. It had everything I crave in a good flash fiction story and delivered the goods. Congrats, Ginger – I loved this story!”

Congrats to all of you! We’ll start announcing our three contest winners tomorrow.

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