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Announcement: The Tin Man’s Heart. by Cree Storm

The Tin Man's HeartQSFer Cree Storm has a new MM fantasy book out in the Mystic Series:

After a meteor attack a group of men are brought together by the World Council called MYSTIC. MYSTIC is a group of men with multiple powers known as celestials. They are only brought in to deal with Nefariouses, men with powers used for their own evil, twisted purpose.

Maxim is a MYSTIC agent. He can change the weather, shoot fire, and even turn into metal. He fears very little, until he meets his mate, Quade Sanders.

Quade Sanders is renowned. He has saved hundreds of lives with his gifts of clairvoyance, precognitive abilities, and mind-reading capabilities. However, Quade’s inability to use those gifts on Max makes understanding why Max refuses to actually mate with him not just confusing, but painful.

Someone is using video games to rape and kill, and Quade and Max must try and help find the killer before he can strike again.


Maxim drove to the last murder location with Quade next to him. Neither had said a word since Bram ordered them to go check things out and see if Quade could pick up on anything there.

Maxim still couldn’t believe that Quade had switched rooms. Not just changing from their connecting rooms, but going all the way to another wing.

“Quade,” Maxim started to say.

“I don’t want to talk about it now, Maxim,” Quade said sadly.

Maxim growled a little to himself and then said, “Quade, I know we’re mates—”

Quade interrupted him yet again. “I said I don’t want to talk about it right now.”

“Quade, damn it…” Maxim ground out.

Quade turned in his seat to face Maxim and his voice turned stern. “Maxim, you have every right to determine who is going to share in your life. Just because fate said we are mates doesn’t mean you just have to accept it.”

“But Quade…” Max tried again.

Quade continued as if Maxim hadn’t interrupted. “I know that it would be hard to be mated to a man that can read people’s minds, see what they are going to do, and see what they already did. I accept that I’m meant to be alone and I will learn to deal with it.”

Maxim reached their location and stopped as Quade opened his door right away. “We are going to end up teamed up when we have to check out a scene because, mate or not, you are still the only one that can mute things for me so it isn’t so bad.”

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Author Bio

Cree lives in Southern New Mexico. The only thing she loves more than reading about gorgeous men and love is writing about them. Spending time with her friends and family is very important to her. When she is not writing or spending time with the love of her life you can find her watching the Oregon Mountains with a nice hot cup of coffee and her laptop or on face book with her many friends.

She gets up in the morning and the first thing she does is make erself a BIG pot of coffee. Then she gets out her laptop out go thru her facebook posts, and after that is when she start writing. She tries to write at least a litte bit everyday – between 2000-4000 words on the days she can focus and write and the days she is not as focused, she is usually doing research for her books.

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