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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Wolves of Daos 5, by Rebecca James

The Wolves of Daos 5

QSFer Rebecca James has a re-released MM paranormal mpreg book out:

Michael has wrestled with anxiety his entire life, and finding out he’s half-werewolf doesn’t help matters. When bond-mate Quinn takes Michael to the werewolf colony, Michael finds the place is even more out of this world than he’d expected.
A sci-fantasy, paranormal, shifter romance with mpreg. This book was recently re-released with a few changes including an added epilogue. If you like a little kink thrown in with your mpreg and a few strange aliens for good measure, you’ll enjoy this romantic tale of wolf-shifters from another galaxy.

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Rebecca is giving away an eBook copy of her other sci-fantasy book – “Teresias Bound” – comment on this post for a chance to win.


Finally, the group reached the large, ornate, wrought iron gates of the palace. Two enormous wolves carved from stone sat atop each support pillar, blank eyes staring at one another over the curved iron top, and phalluses unsheathed. As Michael and Quinn approached through the crowd, Quinn paused at a small screen built into the side of the gate, and Michael’s attention was drawn to the intricate scenes carved along the two great pillars, some extremely detailed and involving weapons that looked like nothing Michael had ever seen before.

“They depict various battles,” Quinn told Michael as the gates swung open. He tugged Michael’s hand, urging him forward. “Come. We do not want to be late.” Looking over his shoulder as they walked, Michael saw that the milling crowd that had been gathering at the palace gates now filed in behind them, as though they’d been waiting for Quinn and Michael’s arrival in order to be admitted. Looking ahead, a vast courtyard lay before them with pruned hedges and extensive gardens that had been cut back in preparation for the coming winter. Michael’s heart picked up when he spotted what appeared to be several huge lizards lounging in the inner courtyard near the front of the palace where he and Quinn were not, thankfully, headed.

“Komodo dragons?” Michael asked. “What? Oh, yes. We brought them here from Indonesia. Very effective deterrents to trespassers.” “I’ll bet.” Michael stared at the frightening creatures. “This way,” Quinn said, setting off toward the side, passing through an archway and along an ivy-covered wall where two guards led three chained and naked men toward a door leading away from the main part of the stone structure. Quinn propelled Michael toward a larger iron door at the far end of the narrow lane. Michael couldn’t help but stare at the men. Were they slaves? They certainly appeared to be, with their dirty appearance, hands and feet manacled, and the long chain connecting them one to the other.

“Prisoners,” Quinn said, as though answering Michael’s unasked question. Sometimes he really did seem to read Michael’s mind. “Escor. Scum.” The corridor leading to the door was narrow and crowded. Quinn wrapped his arm around Michael’s waist and maneuvered them through, while Michael continued to stare at the prisoners. He’d never seen anyone like them; completely hairless, lacking even eyebrows and lashes, with long, slim feet and oddly-shaped heads. Two large werewolves wearing red tangas and brandishing curved sticks urged the prisoners along. As Quinn and Michael passed the line of men, one looked directly at Michael. The stranger’s silver eyes with dark, vertical pupils reminded Michael of a snake. Michael thought they must be contact lenses— he’d seen some that gave a similar effect. He returned the gaze and, quick as lightning, the man’s long, thin tongue spanned the short distance between them, touching Michael on the arm. Atlas yelled and pulled Michael backward until the omega’s shoulder hit the opposite wall. Quinn threw himself at the prisoner, his hands around the man’s thick throat.

“Serpien mierd! Your life is forfeit.” Quinn’s fingers squeezed until the man’s face turned a dark purple and his long, forked tongue dangled out of his mouth.

Stunned and heart beating fast, Michael peered around Atlas’ big frame, watching his mate squeeze the breath out of the prisoner. Before Michael gather his wits, the man crumpled to the ground, strange eyes staring sightlessly.

“Unlatch him from the others and throw him to the dragons,” Quinn ordered Atlas. The bodyguard moved away from his crouched position over Michael, who took a deep breath. Relief flooded Quinn’s face. Pulling Michael to his feet, he clutched his mate to his chest. “My love. My life. I thought…” He bowed his head, closing his eyes tightly for a moment before gently lifting Michael’s arm to examine it.

Michael stared at the small cut, red at the edges, where the man’s tongue had touched him. He only then felt the sting of the wound. Quinn cursed and brought Michael’s arm to his lips, sucking at the cut and then spitting onto the dirt. He repeated this several times before running the flat of his tongue over the wound. When Quinn lifted his head, the cut had lost its angry color. Within seconds, the split in the skin closed entirely, leaving only a pale pink mark half an inch in length. Two men appeared from around the corner wearing red tangas and matching vests with gold wolf heads emblazoned on the breasts. Palace guards, Michael realized. Shouting orders, they cleared the way to escort Quinn and Michael inside the palace.

Author Bio

Rebecca James logoRebecca James writes m/m and m/m/m romance in the contemporary, paranormal, and sci-fi genres. Writing has been her passion since childhood, but it wasn’t until recently that she got up the courage to publish. She lives in the southern United States with her husband and three children.


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  1. I’m so glad you featured this book! I’ve wanted to read this for a while now and it ended up too far down on the tbr pile. This great book is next! Woo Hoo!

  2. This is new to me…book and author…that makes it a wonderful Friday! Thanks for the post! What a beginning…my heart is still racing.


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