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ANNOUNCEMENT: Transcendence


QSFer A.M. Burns has a new MM fantasy book out:

In a world torn between magic and science, he was created to be a servant, but the power of love gave him the strength to break his chains and save the world.

Names have power. That simple statement defines Jaxon’s life. Without a name he would be nothing. He was created by the Mage Lord of Denver, Robart Hasslan, as a spiritual servant. His life is a series of duties for Hasslan until Hasslan takes an apprentice, Xedric Collins.

Xedric stirs feelings in Jaxon he never knew existed. When Xedric’s brother Mic goes missing, the two head out to find him. Their quest takes them to another dimension where they realize an invasion force is gathering to try to conquer Earth. They rush back, but will they be in time to stop the invasion, and will their newly born love be enough to survive even darker forces allied against them?


Author Bio

A.M. Burns enjoys writing urban fantasy, with a bit of horror thrown in for good measure and the occasional paranormal romance.


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