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Announcement: Whispering Gods, by A.M. Daily

Whispering GodsQSFer A.M. Daily has a new sci fi book out:

Before the descent of the Ezri and the brutal reign of the Terah, the independent governments of Earth banded together to launch six colonial ships in an effort to safeguard the future of humanity. Five ships were successful in their mission to colonize and populate five Earth-like sister planets. One ship vanished without a trace.

On Vesta, Caden and his traveling companions uncovered navigation coordinates which led to the missing sixth colony of Earth… where they were greeted with an ominous message, turn back.

But there can be no turning back. With Earth on a path towards destruction, and her sister planets unwilling to come to her aid, there is no other way but forward. Now they must press deeper into the unknown and stop at nothing in their search for a lost hope; the abandoned Ezri world of Lacuna.

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Author Bio

A.M. Daily is a LGBT writer who lives with her human partner and her feline partner in beautiful Arizona. She writes queer fiction within a variety of genres including (but not limited to); contemporary fiction, historical fiction, and science fiction.
Lacuna is her debut novel.

Sky Children has been nominated for a 2016 Gravetells Readers Choice Award!

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