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Announcement: Wings of Renewal Anthology

Wings of RenewalQSFer Jesse Elloris has a story in a fascinating new “solarunk dragon anthology:

The future is vibrant, hopeful, and filled with dragons.

In WINGS OF RENEWAL, twenty-two authors explore the exciting new subgenre of solarpunk through the lens of these majestic creatures. Whether they irrigate dry terrain or serve as spaceships, are mythic beasts come to life or biomechanical creations of man, these dragons show us a world where renewable energy overcomes gas and oil, and cooperation replaces competition.

If you love fantasy/sci-fi fusion, this is an anthology you do not want to miss! So hop on solar wings, and follow us into futures that–for all their witches and dragons–are far more possible than they might seem.


Everyone on the street turned towards the drum-beat sound of wings, swallowing their shrieks as a black shape arrowed towards them. The dragon appeared as if summoned from thin air and disappeared just as quickly, moving too fast to see more than a wash of sinuous black scales smoother than snakeskin. Oriole could only stare after it, careless of the wind that threw her hair across her face.

“That wasn’t—” Alek tried to say, but Oriole was already up and moving, catching his hand as she went.

“Yes it was!” She shouted louder than she’d meant to, startling the stunned pedestrians. “After it!”

“You know,” Alek said, tripping over his feet as she pulled him off balance again, “most people run away from the giant flying predators.”

“We’re Wandering!” Oriole flung the words over her shoulder, moving from a jog to a sprint. “And that’s a dragon!”

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Editor Bios

Claudie and Brenda live at almost opposite corners of North America: while Claudie freezes in Quebec City’s cold winters, Brenda enjoys the dry heat of Tucson, AZ. Which doesn’t stop them from sharing almost everything else: a love for gaming, cats, SFF, and of course, writing. While they’ve worked together for some time, Wings of Renewal is their first official collaboration.

Individual author bios are included in the book.


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