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Announcement: Witch, by Kethric Wilcox

WitchQSFer Kethric Wilcox has a new Paranormal book out:

Darkness, fear, and power stalk the wilds of coastal Maine.

Kieran Belle has brought his boyfriend, Cory Cooper, home to meet his father’s side of the family, the secretive Oisín Clan. Descendants of the most powerful of the ancient Silver mages, the head of the Oisín is known as the Silver Witch.

Plots are not reserved for the bad guys alone. Unknown to Kieran and Cory, Grandpa Oisín the current Silver Witch, and even Kieran’s own father are plotting to use them to fulfill an ancient prophecy, and bring forth the Silver Hunter.

Outside the seeming safety of the Oisín compound, the dark forces lead by the mysterious Ebony mage known only as the Master and a dark Alpha shifter plot to destroy the House of Beauty and break the ancient spell binding shifters to one animal form.

Kieran and Cory’s love is threatened from within as they struggle for either balance or dominance in their relationship.

Will prophecy or fear rip these two star-crossed lovers apart, or will their enemies rip them to shreds first? What tales will the Spinners tell about the newest Beauty and his Beast?


Kieran strode into the council chamber with such force the doors slammed into the walls. The Matriarchs rose at the interruption of their meeting. All except Kieran’s grandmother who remained seated in her throne-like chair. When he reached the end of the conference table, Kieran smacked his hand down on top of it, and the room echoed with the sound.

“We did not summon you, boy. A tracker does not bring business before this council.”

“Shut up, Aunt Fiona. I’m not here as a tracker of the House of Beauty. I’m here as the hunter-candidate. Time is up, Grandmother. You are all out of granddaughters to send to their deaths. The pact is broken, and the mongrels of the forest murdered my sisters.”
“Sit down, now! My grandson makes a valid point. We lived to witness a cursed generation when we must allow a male to test as a hunter. We must also resign ourselves to this fate. Kieran is the last of the House of Beauty. With his death, our line ends.”

“I’m not dying any time soon, old woman. I’ve got too much to live for. Oh, I’m so much more than my sisters.”

“A disappointment is what you are, boy.”

“Only to a closed-minded old woman, who couldn’t do what was needed to be done before she let an entire generation of huntresses be slaughtered. Serena and Rosie both died as full huntresses. My other sisters were never given the chance to properly test. The Alpha who rules this pack now is a direct descendant of the Beast himself. I’m the only one who stands a chance to defeat him.”

“Male arrogance. Your chances of defeating a monster of such an ancient a lineage are less than even your sisters.”

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Author Bio

Kethric Wilcox (1966- ) was born in Melrose, MA to average middle-class parents. He graduated high school, went to college for a while before dropping out to work in the travel and tourism industry for nearly four years. He relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas and returned to college to get his B.A. in both graphic design and history. Currently he works as a graphic designer and writes paranormal gay romances in his spare time. Kethric is the author of Tracker, Book One in the Legend of the Silver Hunter series.


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