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ANNOUNCEMENT: Yves, by Toby Aden

YvesQSFer Toby Aden has a new MM fantasy romance out:

Yves is the second-born son of the Fire Kingdom. He has lived his life battling constant restlessness and depression. He had always felt as though there was more, that there was something out there for him. His art was the only way he used to escape from his head.

Greek god Apollo had been promised a mate. He just never imagined how long he’d have to wait for that promise to be fulfilled. Centuries passed but no mate showed up, more centuries passed until, finally, he felt the spark, a difference, and he knew…his mate had finally been born.

From afar, he watched over his mate, saw the changes in the man and the struggles until it became more than the other man could withstand. Apollo then relocated to the Fae world to draw away his repressed emotions from his mate.
He never intended to meet his mate until the coming out party, but a chance meeting changed all that, and soon they had to battle Yves doubts and insecurities before they could ever glean a bit of happiness.

Beyond the Veil Book Two

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“What has you in such deep thoughts, beloved?”

A voice from behind Yves startled him out of his head, causing him to lose his balance as he swirled rapidly to face the newcomer. A hand shot out faster than he could track and pulled him into rock-hard chest, securing him from losing his balance.

The smell of jasmine and a scent so masculine—they were indescribable but fitting for the stranger—calmed and soothed his troubled thoughts. It was as if he were inhaling an addictive substance, for he felt looser and more relaxed than he ever had since before he was an infant. The arms around him made him feel safe, and the heartbeat underneath his ears lulled him to a state where he felt like he could fall straight to sleep just listening to the soothing sound.

In all, just the presence of the stranger appealed to him than anything ever had, and the restlessness he was constantly besieged with disappeared as though it were an emotion foreign to him. Raising his head slowly, Yves peeked through orange-red lashes, staring up into a face so handsome, he felt his heart stutter and his breath catch. A whimper released from him without his knowledge, and instinctively, he knew he could forever stare into this face and never grow tired of it.

Something was happening to him, and he didn’t know what or understand it. For the first time ever in his life, he felt a part of himself—that he had never paid any mind to before—awaken with such vigor. His cock was rock-hard to the point of painful and his face flushed, red lips slightly parted and golden eyes dilated to the point that they were almost slits.

His mind blanked out only to the point of chanting want, want, and want in a mantra.

“Are you all right, youngling?” a deep timbre voice, so silky and raspy, questioned.

Yves heard none of the words the man said, only the tenor, sinking into a haze he did not wish to shake himself from.

The man was beauty personified. Golden all over, the man’s eyes matched Yves’s in color but slightly different in shape. Long golden hair flowed down the man’s back in a braid, stopping abruptly at the man’s back, and Yves suddenly felt the urge to take it out of its braid and run his fingers through it. The man was six feet four inches of delicious muscles, towering over his own lanky six feet height.


“Kiss me,” Yves demanded, uncaring about anything else other than what he wanted, no, needed.

The man trailed his knuckles down Yves’s high cheekbones, enthralled. He leaned forward as though to grant Yves his desire but stopped short of a hairsbreadth from Yves’s red lips. Physically shaking himself, the man leaned back and then stood to his full height.

“Not yet, beloved. Soon but not yet.” The man pulled Yves to him, hugging him tightly so that they were touching all over.

A shudder ran through Yves’s body, but he was still enthralled in the haze of wanting this beautiful specimen holding him tightly. His body itched with desire to climb into the man’s body, to hold on tight and never let go. And all through what was happening to him, soothing hands trailed all over his body, from his orange-red hair hanging loose down his back to his spine.
The man held him through the shudders racking his body as need made him vibrate.

“Calm down, love. Deep breaths,” the lulling voice soothed.

Gradually, Yves felt himself gaining back control. The mating call singing through his body was unlike anything he had ever felt before, powerful and frightening in its intensity. Hanging on to the stranger like a lifeline, Yves felt the call recede to a dull roar underneath his skin.

He had heard several stories from his parents—well, eavesdropped on the conversation his parents had had with his older brother, Aaeren, when they had been explaining the call to him. In all that was said, he could not recall ever hearing about the call reacting like it had to him, nor had he heard about it diminishing just enough for him to function properly without some sort of release.

He was confused, and turning his head up to gaze at the man holding him, he let his confusion show.

The man smiled tenderly. “I know, love. I have waited a long time for you and I would not have come, but I felt a pull unlike any I have felt in the past. You needed me and I had to come.”

Still confused, Yves frowned. “Who are you?”

“I am known as Apollo, and you are my beloved, my true mate.”

Author Bio

Toby Aden is a MM/MMM author who spends her time immersed in the world of romantic novels. She’s a bookaholic whom after discovering the world of MM romance became irrevocably enthralled and decided to try her hands writing it.

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