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Announcing the 2021 Flash Fiction Theme

Ink Flash Fiction Theme

We’re announcing our 2021 Flash Fiction theme, this one from Ryane Chatman. :)


Transitive Verb:

  • to put ink on ink a pen ink a printing block
  • to draw or write in ink ink a design—often used with in carefully inked in the letters
  • to obliterate with ink —usually used with out inked out many lines
  • to affix one’s signature to
  • to engage or hire by securing the signature of (someone) on a contract


  • a colored fluid used for writing, drawing, printing, or duplicating
  • informal: a tattoo
  • publicity in the written media
  • a black liquid ejected by a cuttlefish, octopus, or squid to confuse a predator

We’ll formally open the contest at the beginning of March, but start working on your submissions now!


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