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CALL: Queering Romance

Cuil Press

The romance genre is famous (or infamous) for it’s tropes. We love romance, tropes and all, but we also love to cuil things up. So for our next anthology we are looking for

Queering Romance Submissions

Just like the term queer, our queering romance stories can take two forms:

Either take a well known romance trope or plot line and re-tell it with queer characters,

Or take a well known romance trope or plot line, and queer it by making it different or strange and not what readers would expect.

Or, ya know, both at the same time for some extra levels of awesome!

Aromance and asexual stories welcome.

Stories must fit within the accepted definition of romance genre: two or more leads who by the end of the story are in a loving relationship together and get a happily ever after (or at least happily for now).

NOTE: our “NO!” tropes list still applies. There are some really nasty tropes in romance that we just don’t want anything to do with.

The Details

Length: 4,000-25,000 words

Pays: on publication, $25 per accepted story

Cover letter should include: Your name/pen name, the title of the story, word count.

Submission method: email – [email protected]

Remember to use standard manuscript format or something close to it. (We’re not gonna nitpick if you use Georgia or Verdana for your font, but no fancy formatting, have your name in the header, stick to the basics, okay?)

Rights: Electronic and Audio Anthology Rights, non-exclusive. Reprints welcome.

Deadline: August 15th, 2018

Increase Your Chance of Getting Accepted

Write an inclusive story.

About Cuil Press

Making space in publishing for black enby rulers of the solar system and polyamory romance with disabled characters.



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