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Car of the Future

Car of the Future

This could be the car of the future

If you thought a pint-sized clown car was going to be the vehicle of the future, you may have been on to something. The Toyota iRoad, which isn’t even three feet wide, is a fusion of motorcycle, tiny electric compact car, bobsled and shopping cart — and you could be driving it in a few years. The company is testing the three-wheeler now in the San Francisco Bay area, which is home to some of the worst traffic in America.

The idea is not to replace Toyota’s pioneering hybrid Prius or best-selling Camry, but to give people an alternate way to navigate through clogged lanes. It tops out at about 37-miles per hour — pedal to the medal — and can only go about 30 miles on one charge, which means it’s for close city driving and not much else.

By Alia E. Dastagir and Cara Richardson – Full Story at USA Today


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