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Boogieman In Lavender: The Strange Bust of HP Lovecraft

(I wish to thank the folks at the Gahan Wilson website for their kind permission to use the photo of the World Fantasy Award shown here.) The World Fantasy Awards were established in 1975. The award is a bust of legendary horror writer H. P. Lovecraft, designed by mordant cartoonist Gahan Wilson (himself no slouch as a writer!) For about twenty years there was no fuss, but now Lovecraft is being replaced. More than likely because of racial attitudes which cannot simply be dismissed by the fact that this was a man born in 1890 who lived until 1937. But … Read more

Jeff Baker—Boogieman In Lavender

Jeff Baker

The Better Part of Wisdom The Better Part of Wisdom By Jeff Baker   In contrast to a lot of other science fiction writers, Ray Bradbury wrote no gay-themed science fiction, no fantasy stories with gay characters. But the author of “The Martian Chronicles” did write at least one story with openly gay characters, and while it has no elements of science fiction it is worth taking a closer look at. In “The Better Part of Wisdom,” we are introduced to Tom and Frank in their cozy apartment, one happily using the other’s lap as a pillow, when they are … Read more

Why We Still Do This

Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror have been called “escapist literature.” Much of it may rightly be described as pure entertainment, although sometimes it may have a loftier purpose. In my case, I write entertaining fluff. Starstuff and shadow blended for the pleasure of the reader (and the writer). Hopefully an entertaining diversion from the mundane reality of the world. But reality has a tendency to intrude. The massacre at Orlando’s Pulse club on June 12 has shoved the idea of plotting out something entertaining to the background. Creatures of the night find their power to terrify fade into insignificance in the … Read more