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New: Reader Discussion Topics

rainbow bucket

At QSF, we’re naming 2016 the Year of the Reader. We want to get more readers engaged with the site, with our book announcements, and with all the lovely writers here. So we’ll be launching a second discussion topic each day, specifically targeted to readers of LGBT speculative fiction. But to do so, we need your help. What do you want to talk about? Your favorite series? Favorite books in xx category? Things you love in a book? Things you hate? Put them in the comments, and let’s fill up the bucket!

Discussion: New Spins on Old Tropes

Ring of Power

Today’s topic comes from QSFer MK Mancos – “New Spins on Old Tropes”. We all know there are many tropes in speculative fiction. Some are harmful – only straight white men can be sci fi heroes. And some are harmless but overused – the giant sword, the ring of power. But all of them can be subverted or reinvented. So today’s questions – Which tropes would you subvert or give a new spin? And how would you do it?

Discussion: Tropes and Tired Plot Lines


You see, there’s this ring. And it has magical powers. And it must be destroyed. Or there’s this big sword. And it has magical powers. And only the pure of heart can wield it. Or maybe there’s this guy, and he’s gay, so he cries all the time and turns to jelly whenever something bad happens. Today we’re talking tropes and tired plot lines in LGBT speculative fiction. So tell me, what drives you absolutely nuts when you read it for the fifth or fiftieth time? And what tropes are you guilty of using yourself? Come chat with us!