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New Release: 3 Gods, 2 Bets, 1 Texan – Eric Alan Westfall

3 Gods, 2 Bets, 1 Texan - Eric Alan Westfall

QSFer Eric Alan Westfall has a new eclectic MM collection out: 3 Gods, 2 Bets, 1 Texan. A pair of competitive trickster gods strut into a Texas bar…and the Dragon King gives his seventh son an unknown Caravaggio for his hundredth hatchday. What could go wrong? Find out, in… 3 Gods, 2 Bets, 1 Texan: a 2139-word tale about Loki and Coyote competing for a Greek-named ranch hand in Jake’s Bar, located in Godsawful-Lonesome, Texas. A Caravaggio Hatchday: a 6238-word tale of a more-than-life-sized painting of Alexander and Hephaestion, ah, doing the deed (guess who’s on top) in glorious color … Read more

New Release: The Tale of Kami and a Desperate Man – Odessa Silver

The Tale of Kami and a Desperate Man - Odessa Silver

QSFer Odessa Silver has a new free gay historical fantasy duet out: The Tale of Kami and a Desperate Man. Under the moon’s gaze even the strongest of loyalties are tested. What consequences befall a lovesick fool? In the world of Yamato, humans live alongside beings of strange power: kami, who see to the world, and fickle yokai that can bless or trap even the most wary of humans. Hotaka follows the guidance of the kami Tsukuyomi, but even kami make mistakes. And Tsukuyomi’s eyes aren’t the only ones that watch that night. Will Hotaka escape with his life, like … Read more

Initially Yours, On Beyond Cisgender VI Jeff Baker, Boogieman in Lavender

Initially Yours: On Beyond Cisgender VI by Jeff Baker NOTE: This occasional series was inspired in 2019 by suggestion from A. M. Leibowitz about a reading list for High School beyond the straight, male paradigm. —jsb I am writing this during March 2023, which is Woman’s History Month. So here (a month or so late!) is a short overview of some (not all!) of the women who wrote sci-fi for the pulps and a little later. I fits in well with this ongoing series “On Beyond Cisgender” which started as recommendations for High School reading but these books are fine … Read more

“We’re Here” For a Best of the Year. New Yearly Anthology Series – Boogieman in Lavender

What would you have for your last meal? In Ann LeBlanc’s story “Twenty Thousand Last Meals on an Exploding Station,” an engineer on a doomed space station finds herself in a time loop and just has time to eat at a different one of the station’s thousands of restaurants before the end, an end which keeps repeating itself. This imaginative delicacy is just one of the delights in the 2021 edition of the new yearly anthology of Best Queer Speculative Fiction of the Year “We’re Here,” published by Neon Hemlock Press. The series stands as a fine replacement for Lethe … Read more

A Truman Memory – Boogieman In Lavender

AI Christmas Carol

AUTHOR’S NOTE: We last encountered Truman Capote’s short stories in this column this past February. We close out the year with a look at his most famous short tale and another story for Christmas. A good many readers first encounter Truman Capote’s story “A Christmas Memory” in school, in their textbooks or possibly in one of the many fine recordings of the story by Geraldine Paige or others. A bittersweet recollection of several incidents in the narrator’s childhood, probably based on the Gay author’s own youth as well as on Miss Sook Faulk, Capote’s cousin who seems to have … Read more

Review: Androids & Aliens – J. Scott Coatsworth

New Release / Giveaway: Androids & Aliens - J. Scott Coatsworth

Genre: Sci-Fi, Cli-Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Lesbian Reviewer: Maryann Universal Buy Link About The Book Androids & Aliens is Scott’s third short story collection – eight sci fi and sci-fantasy shorts that run the gamut from cyborgs to (comedic) alien invasions: Rise: The rise in sea levels caused by climate change swallowed Venice beneath the lagoon half a century ago. But what if we could bring it back? Ping: I was a real estate agent by day, and a museum curator in the evening at a sci-fi museum. What I saw one night changed everything. What the Rain Brings: Miriam … Read more

A Little Magic and Some Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. “Three Left Turns to Nowhere” reviewed.—–Jeff Baker, Boogieman in Lavender

Jeff Baker - Boogieman in Lavender

A Little Magic and Some Grilled Cheese Sandwiches By Jeff Baker Sometimes the road less traveled gets blocked by a falling tree. “Three Left Turns to Nowhere” Bold Strokes Books new anthology of three interconnected M/M romance novellas features stories by Jeffrey Ricker, J. Marshall Freeman and ‘Nathan Burgoine. All three stories are set in a little Ontario town called Hopewell, a town the locals say may have a bit of magic to it, at least where it comes to bringing people together. The three protagonists (all on the LGBT spectrum) are all on their way elsewhere (separately) when circumstances … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Amgine – Amara Lynn

Amgine - Amara Lynn

QSFer Amara Lynn has a new MM paranormal romance out, Yverwood Witches book 3: Amgine. After losing his boyfriend, Joel, in an accident, Niko moves back home to Yverwood. He’s trying to move on with his life. Except there’s just one problem. His new apartment might be haunted. With some help from his childhood best friend Cole, and his sibling ghost whisper, Niko might be able to move on… That is, if he can let go of the ghosts of his past and present, and focus on the future that’s right in front of him. Amgine is an 9300 word … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: To Bring Him Home and Other Tales – Warren Rochelle

To Bring Him Home and Other Tales - Warren Rochelle

Warren Rochelle has a new queer SFF anthology out: To Bring Him Home and Other Tales. And there’s a giveaway! We all need a place to call home, a place where we belong, and are safe, and loved. For the lovers in these stories, finding home is easier said than done. Quests must be taken; dragons must be slain. Rocket launchers need to be dodged. Sometimes one might have to outrun the Wild Hunt, and sometimes they have to reimagine and recreate home. But these lovers do find homes, homes in each other’s hearts. Publisher | Amazon | Barnes & … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Courier – H.L. Moore

The Courier - H.L. Moore

QSFer H.L. Moore has a new queer sci-fi short (non-binary main character) in the Jovian Empire series: The Courier. The job seemed simple enough: collect the package and deliver it to Europa within two days’ time, no questions asked. If only the client hadn’t lied about there being no catch… Warning: Instance of limb dismemberment (non-graphic). Get It At Amazon | Kobo Excerpt “You are the smuggler, I presume?” Vorbote was a refined older gentleman, with a bald head and piercing blue eyes. He had come alone, as promised, and a discreet scan of his person and immediate surroundings confirmed … Read more