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REVIEW: Red Claws, Blue Ink – Beryll & Osiris Brackhaus

Red Claws Blue Ink - Beryll & Osiris Brackhaus

Genre: Adventure, Space Opera, Travelogue LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay Reviewer: Ulysses, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Testing his decision to become a travelling agent of the Circle of Thales, Rene Laurent accepts two training missions – one to beautiful Shiraz, another one to the thousand island planet of Gui Lin. Compared to his adventures with Brother Riccardo, merely copying reports of a local werewolf sighting and fetching a book from a remote island estate sure sounds harmless enough. But things are never as simple as they appear, and while figuring out how to navigate the … Read more

Fantasy TV – Boogieman In Lavender

rainbow TV - deposit photos

“Warning; this column contains spoilers.” —–Anonymous “Blast it, Madame!” —–Capt. Daniel Gregg Two (or is it three) of the greatest fantasy TV series may have gotten overlooked in both the mists of time and the glut of fantasies available for viewing now. And they have some (not-that-obvious LGBT connections.) First off; “Avatar, the Last Airbender,” a Nickelodeon cartoon created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko takes place in a mythical world based on Asian and martial-arts imagery, with just a bit of “The Wizard of Oz” thrown in (maybe unintentionally.) In the world of Avatar, the Earth is home … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Seal of Daemons – R. R. Pearl

The Seal of Daemons - R. R. Pearl

QSFer R. R. Pearl has a new MM paranormal romance (bi/gay), The Watchers book 2: The Seal Of Daemons. After holding off the New Watchers at the tomb of a fallen angel, Rafe and Alec are back with a new adventure. The Praesidium has gotten a tip that the New Watchers are on the hunt for the legendary ring of King Solomon. Traveling the globe on a continent-spanning adventure, Alec, Clemy, and Enoch the misanthropic computer have to unravel the mysteries of conflicting information. But as Alec and Rafe grapple with the gun-toting New Watcher armies, they find themselves tested … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Premonition – Valerie Mikles


QSFer Valerie Mikles has a new queer sci fi book out, The New Dawn book 7: “Premonition.” They came looking for medicine … … he hadn’t expected to find this kind of healing. Could Hawk find a cure to save his children, or was this new delay going to end his life and theirs? On the surface, Nola looked like a peaceful farming town. When they invited Hawk and the crew to their palace to attend their Festival, the crew jumped at the prospect. They needed a peaceful trade partner, especially if these people knew where Hawk could find his … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Exposed – H.L. Day

Exposed - H.L Day

QSFer H.L Day has a new MM gay sci fi book out: “Exposed.” Sometimes salvation comes from the most unlikely hero. When Tate Gillespie is marked for death for a crime he didn’t commit, his life crumbles. In a world where ‘justice’ is meted out by a relentless military force, he’s going to need more than a mythical guardian angel. His life down to seconds, he’s saved by the mysterious X, a knife-wielding man he’s never even met before. But who is X? Is he the man who threatens and kills without a second thought? Or the strangely gentle man … Read more

INNOVATION: Cover Reveal

Innovation eBook cover

It’s gettin’ real, y’all. The marked-up manuscript came back from Ryane last week, and we’ve now heard from just about all of the authors with their changes and approval. Now we upload to Amazon for preorder! And it’s time for the cover reveal! Here’s the eBook cover: And here’s the print cover: Next up? Announceing the Judges’ Choices in about two weeks, and then publication on August 8th. So many great stories!

ANNOUNCEMENT – Migration: Knowledge, by Walter H. Hopgood

Migration: Knowledge

QSFer Walter H. Hopgood has a new bi-gay action adventure/thriller out: “Migration: Knowledge.” With the Earth and her new outpost connected through the Cludiant, Rhys and Jason have the ability to explore the universe. And for Rhys, it’s a chance to not just explore, but to learn all he can. As a scientist, he’s always considered learning at the top of his lifelong dreams. But what happens when their chance to explore and learn turns deadly? And the threats to their project didn’t stop when Rhys and Jason left Earth for Terra. Even as the migration to their new homeworld … Read more