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Review: The Mandroid Murders – Robin C.M. Duncan

The Mandroid Murders - Robin C.M. Duncan

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Adventure Identities: Bi, Poly, Non-Binary Reviewer: VB Get It On Amazon About The Book They say, “Never work with androids or children.” Quirk had one job to do, deliver papers to a Milan mafia boss, before leaving Earth for his home in the asteroids. But that was before being tailed, poisoned—oh, yes—and hijacked into raising foulmouthed fourteen-year-old convent girl Angelika Moratti, aka Moth, who’d rather see him asphyxiate in space. Fleeing assassins, Quirk, Moth and her syRen® android S-0778 ride the space elevator to the Moon, where Quirk hires on to hunt an ex-terra-former who somehow … Read more