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Theater: Iconic Black and White Image Graces Tube Stations for Black Superhero Play

Black Superhero

Across tube stations in London right now, there’s an image that might catch you off guard. Two Black men, one shirtless, embracing each other in a defiant display of queerness. “It was really important to me to have an image for this play that was unashamedly, unapologetically Black and queer,” says actor, writer and Olivier Award nominee Danny Lee Wynter. “How many times do you see a picture on the underground of two black men being intimate?” He’s sitting in the bar area of the capital’s Royal Court Theatre, the same theatre in which he used to work as an … Read more

Two Briggon Snow Podcasts – Boogieman in Lavender

Look Up & Roommates – Two Briggon Snow Podcasts Radio drama, the “theater of the mind” is alive and well, in podcast form anyway. Back in the days of “The Shadow” or even the later “Radio Mystery Theater,” there would not have even been a mention of any LGBT people or issues. Not so with modern-day podcasts. Two in particular are produced by actor/director Briggon Snow. “Look Up,” a 2020-21 podcast series from Atypical Artists and created by Snow involves Emmet (Evan Bittencourt) and Lincoln (Snow) in a sci-fi drama. They are two teenagers who encounter each other on the … Read more

Theatre: London Gets Hilarious “Lesbian Space crime”

Lesbian Space Crime

“In a vast cosmos where anything is possible…everything is gay.” These are the wise words of the creators behind Soho Theatre’s latest hit, Lesbian Space Crime. The musical space odyssey stays true to its name, bringing lesbianism, campness and witty innuendo in this absolutely delightful satirical comedy. Co-created by Eleanor Colville, Robbie Taylor Hunt and Rosanna Suppa, Lesbian Space Crime follows astronaut Sue Albright who is ready to make history in the first all-female space walk. Full Story from Pink News

THEATER: Dumbledore is So Gay (Streaming)

Dumbledore is So Gay

If you could revisit your own childhood, what would you change? For those whose past is buried under layers of homophobia, the answer is endless. This question is at the heart of Robert Holton’s play Dumbledore is So Gay, a coming-of-age time travel tale starring Alex Britt as Jack, a young Potterhead who’s discovering his sexuality when Dumbledore’s becomes a national talking point. The play opens on 12-year-old Jack in French class, his life rooted in a reality many of us will recognise: the word “gay” used as a thoughtless insult, the parents who refuse to watch Graham Norton on … Read more

THEATER: Russell Tovey Stars in London Queer Alternate Realities Play “Constellations”

Russell Tovey & Omari Douglas in Constellations

Russell Tovey and Omari Douglas shine bright in the inventive, queer Constellations. For every path we choose in life, there is another untrodden by us that exists as a a parallel reality. In one existence, you scoff as a friend of a friend drops a horrendously cheesy chat up line. In an alternate life, it leads you to a torrid affair. In another, marriage. And so on, and so on. That’s the basic premise of Constellations. On paper it sounds fairly high concept, but in practice it’s a clever little rom-com full of laughter, soul-searching and heart – more Sliding … Read more

INTERVIEW: Briandaniel Oglesby

Brian Oglesby interview

I met Briandaniel a few weeks ago at the annual Playwrights Revolution – a staged reading of four plays that Sacamento’s Capital Stage puts on every summer. Brian’s play “Basement Demons and Trailer Saints” stood out, not just because of the stellar cast of actors who put it on in less than a day, but for the fascinating writing and super-LGBTQ+ group of characters he’d created. So afterwards I screwed up my courage and went to talk to him, hopeful that I could get him to do an interview for QSF (which I will also share on my own blog). … Read more

THEATER: Outland (Melbourne)


FROM the glittering mirror ball that flamboyant Melbourne DJ Adam Richard uses for a brain (with writer John Richards) comes Outland, an outrageous six-part comedy about a gay science-fiction fan club. Richard plays the very camp Fab as someone we all know (probably a 15-year-old girl) in an original comic creation as broad and irreverent as Matt Lucas’s Vicky Pollard. Toby Truslove (Laid) plays the more down-to-earth but highly anxious Max, who heads home with a hot date, only to be visited by the entire fan club. Fab, presented as a kind of sci-fi monster himself (thanks to the soundtrack), … Read more

New Play Looks at All Male Society and Male Pregnancy


What if women were extinct? What if men evolved to bear children — and invented “Feminism” as a religion, devoted to making the world hospitable for the second coming of the bygone sex? Such is the dystopian setting of writer-director Robert O’Hara’s ambitious but stalled new play Mankind, which opened off-Broadway at Playwrights Horizons last night. Though it’s more often men who are out of the picture, à la Wonder Woman’s Themyscira, single-sex societies are a familiar sci-fi trope. The question of men becoming pregnant is likewise well tread — Arnold Schwarzenegger tried it in Junior (1994), and scientists even … Read more