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COMICS: Wonder Woman Has a Sister


Wonder Woman has just got a twin sister, Nubia, and she’s our new favourite superhero. Nubia is a black warrior queen that has been announced as Diana’s true equal. DC lore explains that she was created in 1973 out of the same clay that the Wonder Woman we all know was forged.

However, the new hero has led a very different life to her twin sister.
After being formed by Aphrodite, she was stolen at birth by the god of war, Mars, and trained in combat. In more recent comics, Nubia proved herself as she guarded the River Styx and ruled Floating Island – a community of all men.

Despite the different backgrounds, both Diana and Nubia clearly share a sisterly bond as the pair fought (before knowing they were related) but Nubia stopped when she came to realise their bond.

By Meka Beresford – Full Story at Pink News

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