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Cover Reveal: Mike Hawk and the Cult of Kings, by Kirby Quinlan

QSFer Kirby Quinlan has a new time travel story coming out, and we’ve got the cover reveal!

Mike Hawk Cover New2sm

Present Day: Michaelangelo Hawk, III works in an elite task force for an international organization dedicated to defending LGBTQ people throughout the world.

When passengers on a gay-themed cruise ship are taken prisoner by a terrorist organization during an excursion to the pyramids at Giza, Mike’s team is called in to rescue them. During an intense firefight in the necropolis, Mike is forced to jump into a golden sarcophagus to escape a grenade blast.

When he emerges, however, he discovers he’s been mysteriously transported back to the year 1948; to his father’s hometown, a city called Bulger Beach near Miami, Florida. Due to an eerie resemblance, he is soon mistaken by everyone to be his grandfather, Mike Hawk, Sr., a private detective who disappeared while investigating a powerful sex cult obsessed with Egyptology.

Assuming he is Mike, Sr. suffering from a case of amnesia, his grandfather’s young, sexually ambiguous Cuban secretary Eduardo and a grizzled, former bootlegger named Shep who runs an all-night diner help him try to “regain his memory”. In the process, Mike learns way more about his long-lost grandfather than he ever wanted to know, and has to avoid the amorous advances of the young woman who will become his grandmother in the process.

Hoping the cult may have information about how he can get back to his own time, he picks up the investigation where his grandfather left off, entangling him in a sordid web of sex, politics and paranormal activity. All this, while a sexy male assassin from an ancient Egyptian order is hot on his tail. Mike can’t figure out whether the guy wants to kill him or seduce him.

Inspired by the pulp adventure serials and monster movies of the 1930’s and 40’s, Mike Hawk and the Cult of Kings is the story of a tough-as-nails gay hero fighting to survive in the less-than-ideal world he’s been caught up in.

With the whole city at stake, you’ll follow Mike through daring shootouts, thrilling car chases, breathtaking orgies and other orgasmic adventures in a story you won’t be able to put down. You’ll be with him as he races to get to the bottom of the mystery before the whole thing comes crashing down on him: All leading to a climactic revelation you won’t want to miss!

Set to release in mid-December, so watch for it soon!


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