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Discussion: Genre Specific Blogs

space ship

Today’s discussion question is from QSFer Andrew Q. Gordon, who has a beautiful Fantasy series out and is looking for some advice.

I have a question for the group about genre specific blogs and Blog Tours. I have a list of the 50 ‘the best’ SFF blogs, but that’s like looking in the yellow pages (for us old folks – using Google for you youngins). Does anyone have a good list or even just a good sight or two that is genre specific? It doesn’t need to be LGBTQ SFF, just SFF.

And since I’m on the topic, what about Blog Tour companies that specialize in SFF (again, not LGBTQ SFF, just SFF in genre.)

So how about it? Anyone have a list (or a suggestion or two) for great blogs that are genre specific (sci fi, fantasy, etc) and LGBT/QUILTBAG friendly? Blog tour companies?


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