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Discussion: How Do You Read?

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We’re always talking about writing, and plots, and characters, and genres. Today I thought we’l look at the other end.

How about for reading – do you use a kindle or other e reader that lets you read the same book on different devices in different places?

Are you still an old-school reader who prefers paper?

And where does technology take the book in 5 – 10 – 20 – 50 years?

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1 thought on “Discussion: How Do You Read?”

  1. I read both formats and my favorite Kindle reader is the large screen Kindle DX version without touch screen that Amazon has unfortunately discontinued. My use of the e-reader is largely influenced by the fact that many books and stories in the LGBT genre are only available in electronic format rather than in book form. I also though have circa 4000 books in my library including about 3000 SF books.


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