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Discussion: Is Mainstream Speculative Fiction Hostile to LGBT Characters?

Asimov's Sci Fi magazine

Up until I “discovered” (I know, like Columbus “discovered” the Native Americans LOL) the sci fi/fantasy/paranormal part of the MM Romance market a couple years back, I had mostly read mainstream sci fi and fantasy. And I had run across very few LGBT characters in my travels there. In fact, I can count on one hand the truly LGBT sci fi or fantasy books I had read.

So now it’s become a bit of a passion of mine to help bridge the two worlds. To bring the energy and passion and characters from not just the MM romance side but the whole LGBTQI romance and fiction side over into the mainstream speculative fiction universe.

So I have to ask:

Is “mainstream” sci fi etc still hostile to LGBT characters? And if so, why? And what can we do about it – ie: how do we colonize the mainstream?

Come join the discussion!

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