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Discussion: Your Identity, Reflected


Today’s topic comes from QSFer BA Brock:

Sometimes it’s easier for me to read trans stories, when the worlds are fantasy. I’ve read several fantasy stories recently, where the characters have struck me as trans, but in the context of the book, there were no trans people.

I love this ability of fantasy, to explore heavy current social issues, in a setting other than our reality. It allows me to let go of the minutia (did the author get it exactly right?), and at the same time still experience the pain and joy of my identity.

I’d imagine these stories could also be helpful for non-LGBT folks, in that they could give them a glimpse of what it means to be trans, without the modern struggle.

What are some of your favorite speculative fiction stories, the ones that have allowed you to experience a potent part of your own identity – whatever that means to you – in another realm?

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