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Doctor Who Buries “Bury Your Gays” (Spoilers)

Doctor Who fans rejoiced as the show left the ‘bury the gays’ trope firmly behind with an episode that put a proud gay romance at the front and centre. Warning: Major spoilers follow.

Whovians were already reeling from last week’s big reveal – the return of much-loved omnisexual alien space pirate, Captain Jack Harkness.

And Sunday’s episode ‘Praxeus’ scored even higher on LGBT+ representation with a death-defying love story between British astronaut Adam Lang (Matthew McNulty) and ex-police officer Jake Willis (Warren Brown).

From the beginning it’s clear the two characters share a history, but the details of their relationship remained ambiguous until halfway through the episode when Jake has a heart-to-heart with the TARDIS’s resident agony aunt, Graham. A few shrewd questions later, Jake reveals that Adam is actually his estranged husband and that Adam’s career has put pressure on them as a couple.

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