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Does Black Panther’s Success Open the Door for a Queer Superhero?

Black Panther

Hollywood is celebrating the remarkable breakthrough box office performance of Marvel’s Black Panther, the first entry in the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe to feature a black leading character, and indeed, a mostly-black cast.

Part of the shock and awe felt within the industry when it comes to Black Panther comes from the history of black superheroes in films: There just aren’t very many, and even fewer with memorable films. Spawn anyone? SteelMeteor Man? They hardly qualify as cinematic classics, and can’t even come close to the fun and style of Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther.

All of which raises another question: What about queer superheroes? Could the commercial breakthrough of Black Panther generate interest in an LGBTQ superhero, even a black queer superhero?

By David Reddish – Full Story at LGBTQ Nation

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