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Doing it All

Just submitted The Bear at the Bar – the first story I’ve written specifically for an anthology. It’s adifferent experience for me to write something to order – not good, not bad – just different. Normally, I start off with a sentence and see where it goes. This time I started off with a whole concept.

Now the waiting begins.

I’m trying to get enough short stories going that I can submit them one after the other out there – once one comes back, another goes out to the same source. And eventually I will get one published. It’s working fairly well, but I’m finding I need more stories!

I have two recently rejected ones that I have to turn around. I’ve also been working on three others, one of which just went out, but I guess I have to buckle down and get the other two done.

I also have a batch of other story starts that I never finished. Have to see where all that will lead me!

Now if I can just find the time for it all…

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