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Egypt’s Secret Gay History

Seth Horus gay Egypt

As Egypt prepares to criminalize homosexuality, it’s worth looking back at the country’s history:

Ancient Egypt was a historic civilization, dating all the way back to 3100 BC. Sex was seen as a healthy part of existence, with even the likes of Gods getting down and dirty. There was no taboo around the act of sex. They even had Gods of sex, sexual pleasure and sexuality.

The term ‘homosexuality’ is relatively modern and so that makes it harder for historians to look for examples of LGBT in Ancient Egypt. Historians explain: ‘Representational evidence for ancient sexualities is ambiguous.’

Regardless, there is the occasional story of a same-sex relations happening. There is no evidence of Ancient Egyptians actively being against gay sex however they did tend to shame the male on the receiving end. He is described as lesser and submissive, submitting to the will of the other male involved. While there are plenty of tales about homosexuality buried in the depths of history, here are just three of them.

By Charlie Mathers – Full Story at Gay Star News

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