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Electroloom Fabric Printer Spins New World of Possibilities

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Imagine being able to print your own seamless clothing. Electroloom is the world’s first 3D printer capable of creating true fabric, and its creators are looking for their first alpha testers.

According to its page on Kickstarter, the Electroloom Developer Kit “is a tool for designing and manufacturing” custom-made, ready-to-wear clothing. Traditionally, textile manufacturing requires first sending raw material through multiple processing steps just to create the fabric, but the Electroloom reduces clothing creation into a single step: “When interacting with our machine, there is no need for thread, needles, or sewing. Instead, our users need only some simple CAD skills to design their patterns, and the Electroloom does the rest.”

To get technical, the Electroloom uses an electrospinning process “to convert liquid solutions into solid fibers,” which are then printed directly onto a 3D mold and bonded together in a process the developers call Field Guided Fabrication, or FGF.

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