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ENTERTAINMENT: A Real “Beauty and the Beast” Gay Moment

Beauty and the Gay Beast

Beauty and the Beast is everywhere right now, and so is its ‘gay moment’. As small as it may be, it has ignited outrage across the globe and saw Beauty and the Beast suspended, and then allowed, in Malaysia. Russia considered banning it under its anti-gay laws, but in the end made the Disney blockbuster adults-only.

But now Matthew Olshefski, better known as the Shirtless Violinist, has delivered the Beauty and the Beast gay moment we wished we could’ve seen. And it features his boyfriend (and director) Paul in his first on-camera appearance. In drag. He volunteered for the role, Matthew reveals in the video description, after they couldn’t find any candidate who really fit what the violinist was looking for.

Originally the shirtless violinist wanted to do it slightly differently. But when the ‘gay moment controversy’ happened, he decided to have a drag queen rather than a ballroom dancer perform alongside him.

By Stefanie Gerdes – Full Story at Gay Star News


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