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Exclusive: Teaser of the Upcoming WROTE Podcast LGBT Halloween Episode


Hey all… we’ve got something really cool today – a teaser for the 3MMuskateers Podcast (now changing to WROTE to be more inclusive) for Halloween. The folks at WROTE have pulled together seven short stories for Halloween, and are giving them the full spooky treatment:

The 3 M/Musketeers podcast has realized it’s time to be more LGBTQ inclusive. Their new brand, WROTE Podcast – “Written on the Edge” – celebrates queer storytelling in all genres and across all mediums! To celebrate this move forward, your hosts have teamed up with several podcast alumni authors to put together a Halloween Storytime Radio Show just for you. Mark your calendars for seven narrated tales that celebrate things that go bump in the night in Written on the Edge style.

Still think it’s a trick? Click here to listen to a sweet little morsel from SA “Baz” Collins’ A Quarrel of Sparrows.

FYI, this content is Not Safe for Work

Click the link to hear the teaser:


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