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FILM: Queerbaiting in Frozen 2? Elsa Won’t Come Out.

Frozen 2 co-director Jennifer Lee dashed the hopes of some fans for an LGBTQ princess, suggesting that Elsa won’t have any kind of a romantic relationship in the sequel to the hit animated film.

Said Lee at a round-table discussion at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank: “When we started making the first part, in the very beginning, when we were grounding ourselves in the characters, we did some personality tests to ask real deep questions about who the characters are and what are they wrestling with. One thing that came out clear was that she wasn’t ready for a relationship at all. She was still getting used to the fact that people were accepting her and she still had so many questions about her powers. From the start, that’s where we knew we were going. The big thing with this film is that this woman is carrying the weight of the kingdom on her shoulders and is wrestling with this extraordinary power. It was this feeling on which she is focusing on and that is a lot.”

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