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First Look: Deaf, Genderqueer Actor in “Titans”

The new “Titans” trailer gave the first look of Chella Man, a deaf, genderqueer actor and model, as Jericho.

Jericho is the son of Deathstroke (Esai Morales) in the series. After his vocal cords are severed during his kidnapping, Jericho must communicate through sign language. He can also control people’s bodies and voices through eye contact.

The trailer shows a brief clip of Man as Jericho using sign language.

Man praised the show’s representation on Instagram.

“As a Deaf individual who uses sign language on a daily basis, Jericho’s primary mode of communication hits close to home. I RARELY saw sign language authentically represented on screen growing up, so this incredible opportunity has made my heart soar,” Man wrote. “Who you are should NEVER limit what you dream to achieve. Take it from a Deaf, queer, Jewish, person of color who has always dreamed of being a superhero and has now been granted that exact opportunity.”

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