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For Readers: Favorite Spec Fic Comics

Young Protectors


Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Ryane Chatman:

“Comics, we should talk about them.”

LOL… ok, so let’s talk. What are your favorite speculative fiction comic titles, and why?

Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks!

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1 thought on “For Readers: Favorite Spec Fic Comics”

  1. ‘Tokyo Babylon’, ‘X 1999’ (I hope CLAMP finishes it before I die!), ‘Clover’, ‘RG Veda’, ‘Batman’, ‘The Teen Titans’, ‘The Sandman’, ‘Naruto’, ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’, ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’, ‘Tsubasa’, ‘xxxholic’, ‘Legal Drug/Drop Dead Drug’, ‘Hero Heel’, ‘Black Sun Silver Moon’, ‘Vampire Game’, and ‘Alichino, to name a few. “)


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