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For Readers: He’s Expecting


We’re seeing a growing trend of MPREG stories – Male Pregnancy – across the board. These are achieved by a variety of means. Some are trans men who decide to have children. Sometimes there’s a scientific advance that’s credited.

It could be a paranormal influence, or even a magical spell.

Whatever the method, these story lines challenge our perceptions of traditional gender roles.

So my questions today: Do you like to read Mpreg in a story? Why or why not? Do you find most Mpreg stories plausible?

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3 thoughts on “For Readers: He’s Expecting”

  1. For me I really like Mpreg in a stories either Paranormal or Sci Fi and I enjoy reading the different ways authors make them seem plausible.

  2. I hate to admit I like Mpreg. I love the idea of two guys together, one loving on the pregnant one. Adoring him. Caring for him. And there are the shivers of delight.


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