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FOR READERS: Paperback or eBook?

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Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Denise Dechene:

How do you read your books, e-books or paper? Also if you read e-books what do you read on – Kindle, Nook, Computer? If you read both, what is your favorite?

Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “FOR READERS: Paperback or eBook?”

  1. Typically I use eBook more than paperback.

    I’m quite a digital person – I write for my own website and I’m considering taking my first steps into writing literature. As such, whilst a book is much more satisfying, an eBook is just that much better.

    As for the format? There are two main ones for me: epub and pdf. epub mostly because of how convenient it is for eReaders and pdf because, well, if I’m at home it’s probably easier sat at my desk than it is on a smaller device.

  2. I prefer paper back or hard cover but due to a limited budget I find myself reading a lot digitally. Either on an ipad or a kindle…Mobi format.

    Unless I’m beta reading for an author or reading an ARC and then I prefer a word document I can highlight and cut and paste and return to them.

  3. I prefer three dimensional books, but tend to read more digital copies for several reasons.
    1. My eyesight sucks, so I love the ability to change the size/type of the font. 2. I’m cheap and paper books are ridiculously expensive. 3. My public library has a great digital shelf. 4. I have run out of space for more ‘real’ books.

    I love my Kobo e-reader, but mostly use my iPad, since it gives me the option to switch between Kobo, Overdrive and Kindle.

  4. ebook….I’ve found that the weight of paperbacks is detrimental to my wrists so my kindle is perfect. The fact I can have over 10K books at my fingertips is another great reason to love my kindle

  5. Depends on what I’m reading. Technical manuals, by default paper. I’m able to highlight and mark important pages easily.

    Personal enjoyment reading? E-book. I use a Kindle Fire.


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