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For Readers: Which Do You Like Best?

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Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Richard Wood:

Speculative fiction is an umbrella term for a number of genres that speculate on what could be in our world and beyond. We cover four of these at QSF – SF, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Horror.

My own favorites are Sci Fi and Fantasy – I’ve always loved the generally optimistic nature of these two genres, especially sci fi, when it supposes that we will live in a wider and fairer world some day than we do today.

Of the four general categories of stories this group covers, SF, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Horror; which is your favorite and why?

Authors, feel free to join the chat, but as this is a reader chat, please do not reference your own works directly.

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2 thoughts on “For Readers: Which Do You Like Best?”

  1. The first three. I love when the brain expands beyond reality and questions the basic foundation of the world in which we reside. It is like some authors rip apart the rules of the universe and then recreate it with their own complicated and well thought out rules to allow possibilities our modern sciences make impossible. I enjoy these stories more than the ones that provide you an imaginative situation but can’t convince you it is possible.

  2. Paranormal first, the SF & Fantasy. Do not do horror at all.
    I like seeing where human kind can go, what they can do in different worlds, circumstances and times. I love shape-shifters and that extra dimension that exists in the paranormal world.


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